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Houdini's Sister

Christine Hamm

In the end, there's always the girl who understands
locks and a bone-toothed comb, the one who crawls under the table,
crams into the mouse hole, the one who gives the witch the wrong
directions. There's always the girl who knows the language of rabbits
and convinces them to let her ride astride, the girl who can live on
breadcrumbs and fog, who clings to the giant's ankle until he gets
tired of stumbling around the kitchen, looking for a cooking pot, and
falls asleep. There's always one left, the one who cuts off her hair
to make a rope (if that's what it takes), the one who talks the
blue-bellied salmon into carrying her across the river, the one
who takes the diamonds of her tears and sells them for a good pair of boots.

comment to be added.
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It all started at the HBP line party.

Well, that's actually a lie. It started when [livejournal.com profile] elven_freckles's sister and other friends had to back out on their plans to go to Azkatraz. It's been years since I was fully into Harry Potter fandom - I hadn't reread any of the books since the 7th came out, and even before then I wasn't really reading much fic any more. So when she asked whether I wanted to drive 7/8 hours to hit up a convention for a fandom I was barely even involved in, my response was..."maybe?"

Then I watched HBP, and suddenly couldn't remember why in hell I had ever let my HP love wane. I can't help it - I'm massively multifandom, and it inevitably leads to me obsessing over a few of them at a time, relegating the rest to the back of my brain until they cycle up to the front again. So I did some flaily vlogging and hi-fived Beka ([livejournal.com profile] elven_freckles) and decided to go forth and conquer the con...in a really last-minute sort of way.

Only we couldn't go for the whole thing, because Saturday night (also, incidentally, the night Amanda Fucking Palmer was in Oakland) we were scheduled to play a show together at Centre Stage. And Sunday she'd have to do music stuff for her church in the morning, so we wouldn't be able to make it until the Prison Break Ball. But hey, we figured - why not? Besides, then we would be able to get by with only a day pass and the Ball ticket. In all honesty, if we had been in the position to go for the whole time, I don't know if I would have been willing to go at all - Azkatraz might not have been asking Creation Con prices, but tickets were still pretty damn spendy in comparison to the cons I usually consider going to. As awesome as Wrock Around the Rock sounded, I doubt I would have been willing to hand over $100. Unemployed + broke because my former roommate disappeared and owes me money = not too enthusiastic about spending $$ on cons that don't seem to go particularly out of their way to be inexpensive.

So we spent the next four days practicing for our show and trying to pull together costumes/Ball outfits. Saturday night came, we set up, and...around four or five people showed up who weren't our immediate relatives. We valiantly played on, despite the fact that once again there was no one there young enough to understand why geeks covering Lady Gaga and Cobra Starship and the Mario Kart Lovesong on guitar and mandola was for lulz and great justice (there was also, for the record, quite a lot of Beka's fantastic original stuff). We covered Snape vs. Snape on piano and standup bass, for no other reason really other than we'd been listening to a lot of Ministry of Magic and I'd gone "we should play some wrock!" while we were sitting around rehearsing. And that we both really, really love that song.

We set up a time to meet and the next day and - oh, this is going to get long, isn't it? vehicles in flames! shock! loss! wrock stars! peanut butter! chris rankin! )

okay, Beka. your turn to fill in the gaps. XD ILU!

ps. going out of town again for a week, driving I-5 augh wish me luck.
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the night of watching 4.22, me and [livejournal.com profile] fadedrunes made pie!

I wanted to try a cut-out crust on top, and at first I thought, maybe the Devil's Gate symbol from AHBL...but then I was like, hey, how bout something more S4? And since I'd already done the Devil's Trap from Bobby's panic room, I figured, hey, how about Anna's GTFO Angels symbol?

and the angels can't have it )

it was DELICIOUS, let me tell you.
because he just left and because I am sitting on your futon watching ANTM over your shoulder like a creeper, I just remembered that I NEVER POSTED THIS even though I made it for you ages ago so



you're both immortalized in gif form FOREVER
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Well, mostly. Sort of. Kinda. More on that later in the post, but first to say that this is the most authentic-looking fictional small town in Oregon we've seen yet. By we I mean myself, [livejournal.com profile] fadedrunes, and [livejournal.com profile] rainwalker_50...and the three of us have a combined 34 years living in a Small Coastal Oregon Town, so we're almost kind of like an authority on the subject. The main street with one light, the buildings, the interiors with fish and netting and buoys on the walls and shit - all pretty much the real thing.

pictoral evidence, rambling, and the Southern Oregon Meth Project )

True facts. A note to writers: if you set a story in rural Oregon and do not take into account the fact that 80% of all people smoke pot (fishermen, teachers, nice old ladies, rednecks, and the dude that delivers your pizzas; everybody), you are probably Doing It Wrong. (edit: oh my, look at the date!) Also, the longer your characters are in rural Oregon without encountering someone who at the very least mentions meth, the less believeable it gets.

People in a town are acting strangely? Meth.
Mysterious warehouse? Meth lab.
Giant huge syringe which is apparently Important Business? Oh dear lord they've invented concentrated liquid meth, gtfo while you still can.

Got to say though, I have a really hard time seeing a town of whatever size Steveston is supposed to be maintaining a shipyard up until 2000 (two years prior to the episode airing, when it supposedly shut down).

Lulz aside, here's the reason I bothered to make this post at all.

racism in the rural West )

I just. Well. I wish I was a lot better at articulating things like this.

In conclusion, I kind of wish shows would stop making up fictional small towns in Cascadia altogether. Seriously. There's enough already, just pick one! Is anyone really going to care if you have a set or some other town stand in for Winchester Bay or Port Orford or Drain or Legat or Garberville? No. Just stop by one on one of your trips from your filming sets to the offices in Hollywood. Hell, maybe it'll get a few more people to come in and buy their local jam or whatever. of course if we ever get a goddamn tourist tax going that would help Yeah. On the other hand, we have...Eureka. So maybe completely fictional towns are best.
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I have not posting anything about RaceFail '09 because it's pretty obvious that I don't have anything new to contribute - any points that I have to make have already been made, more eloquently and by people with a hell of a lot more life experience.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that my silence (anyone's silence) could be construed as disapproval of the whole discussion being brought up at all, or agreement with the people who are framing it some sort of hysterical witch-hunt targeting white fans and writers.

So. Growing up in Brookings, I learned to not really speak up when people were being racist, or sexist, homophobic, [insert hateful, systemic societal problem here]. I liked to think, at the time, that this was out of something like self-preservation. It was not. It was out of cowardice and fear. Recognizing that now does not fix it. The situations where I could have offered a dissonant voice of sanity are gone, and regretting my teenage passive-aggressive silence does not help anything unless I channel that guilt into doing something positive now. I am making a promise to myself to be a better ally, to speak up more, to confront things when they happen.

When that conversation with Jacen happened (that I quoted a few posts ago), I was basically speechless. All I did was gape and look really uncomfortable, while my mom interjected, "Now...that's not politically correct!". Fuck that. I should have told him that what he said was racist and inappropriate. I need to make sure that next time it happens, I'm ready to do more than just wilt and glare.
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this is what I did with my Friday night.

image heavy piespam of deliciosity )

and then we watched Heaven and Hell. I will be articulating my thoughts on this whole two-parter at some point, but in the meantime, you can get our immediate reaction.
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she was right there.


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tell me, internets, will this icon be as funny when I wake up later today as it is now?

yes, I think so.

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So instead of being productive this last day or so, I've been making icons. I'm rusty as hell, so some of these are of dubious quality - but there are a few I really like and plan on expanding from. There are definitely more on the way. Particularly Dean, who got somewhat left out of these first few. for [livejournal.com profile] sammessiah - which rocks an unholy amount.

15 Demon Jesus, Azazel, etc. icons )

i c o n

Sep. 2nd, 2004 12:40 am
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Mostly of Julian, but with some noteable exceptions.

Teasers: 1. 2.

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