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It all started at the HBP line party.

Well, that's actually a lie. It started when [ profile] elven_freckles's sister and other friends had to back out on their plans to go to Azkatraz. It's been years since I was fully into Harry Potter fandom - I hadn't reread any of the books since the 7th came out, and even before then I wasn't really reading much fic any more. So when she asked whether I wanted to drive 7/8 hours to hit up a convention for a fandom I was barely even involved in, my response was..."maybe?"

Then I watched HBP, and suddenly couldn't remember why in hell I had ever let my HP love wane. I can't help it - I'm massively multifandom, and it inevitably leads to me obsessing over a few of them at a time, relegating the rest to the back of my brain until they cycle up to the front again. So I did some flaily vlogging and hi-fived Beka ([ profile] elven_freckles) and decided to go forth and conquer the a really last-minute sort of way.

Only we couldn't go for the whole thing, because Saturday night (also, incidentally, the night Amanda Fucking Palmer was in Oakland) we were scheduled to play a show together at Centre Stage. And Sunday she'd have to do music stuff for her church in the morning, so we wouldn't be able to make it until the Prison Break Ball. But hey, we figured - why not? Besides, then we would be able to get by with only a day pass and the Ball ticket. In all honesty, if we had been in the position to go for the whole time, I don't know if I would have been willing to go at all - Azkatraz might not have been asking Creation Con prices, but tickets were still pretty damn spendy in comparison to the cons I usually consider going to. As awesome as Wrock Around the Rock sounded, I doubt I would have been willing to hand over $100. Unemployed + broke because my former roommate disappeared and owes me money = not too enthusiastic about spending $$ on cons that don't seem to go particularly out of their way to be inexpensive.

So we spent the next four days practicing for our show and trying to pull together costumes/Ball outfits. Saturday night came, we set up, and...around four or five people showed up who weren't our immediate relatives. We valiantly played on, despite the fact that once again there was no one there young enough to understand why geeks covering Lady Gaga and Cobra Starship and the Mario Kart Lovesong on guitar and mandola was for lulz and great justice (there was also, for the record, quite a lot of Beka's fantastic original stuff). We covered Snape vs. Snape on piano and standup bass, for no other reason really other than we'd been listening to a lot of Ministry of Magic and I'd gone "we should play some wrock!" while we were sitting around rehearsing. And that we both really, really love that song.

We set up a time to meet and the next day and - oh, this is going to get long, isn't it? vehicles in flames! shock! loss! wrock stars! peanut butter! chris rankin! )

okay, Beka. your turn to fill in the gaps. XD ILU!

ps. going out of town again for a week, driving I-5 augh wish me luck.

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