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Well, mostly. Sort of. Kinda. More on that later in the post, but first to say that this is the most authentic-looking fictional small town in Oregon we've seen yet. By we I mean myself, [ profile] fadedrunes, and [ profile] rainwalker_50...and the three of us have a combined 34 years living in a Small Coastal Oregon Town, so we're almost kind of like an authority on the subject. The main street with one light, the buildings, the interiors with fish and netting and buoys on the walls and shit - all pretty much the real thing.

pictoral evidence, rambling, and the Southern Oregon Meth Project )

True facts. A note to writers: if you set a story in rural Oregon and do not take into account the fact that 80% of all people smoke pot (fishermen, teachers, nice old ladies, rednecks, and the dude that delivers your pizzas; everybody), you are probably Doing It Wrong. (edit: oh my, look at the date!) Also, the longer your characters are in rural Oregon without encountering someone who at the very least mentions meth, the less believeable it gets.

People in a town are acting strangely? Meth.
Mysterious warehouse? Meth lab.
Giant huge syringe which is apparently Important Business? Oh dear lord they've invented concentrated liquid meth, gtfo while you still can.

Got to say though, I have a really hard time seeing a town of whatever size Steveston is supposed to be maintaining a shipyard up until 2000 (two years prior to the episode airing, when it supposedly shut down).

Lulz aside, here's the reason I bothered to make this post at all.

racism in the rural West )

I just. Well. I wish I was a lot better at articulating things like this.

In conclusion, I kind of wish shows would stop making up fictional small towns in Cascadia altogether. Seriously. There's enough already, just pick one! Is anyone really going to care if you have a set or some other town stand in for Winchester Bay or Port Orford or Drain or Legat or Garberville? No. Just stop by one on one of your trips from your filming sets to the offices in Hollywood. Hell, maybe it'll get a few more people to come in and buy their local jam or whatever. of course if we ever get a goddamn tourist tax going that would help Yeah. On the other hand, we have...Eureka. So maybe completely fictional towns are best.

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